Affordable, scalable, and easy to install EV charging solutions even in underground parking lots!

Affordable Prices

HeyCharge chargers have patent-pending simplifier communications architecture. Therefore,  hardware, installation, and communication costs are reduced.


If you need additional charging stations, it is always easy to grow with us. So you are free to start small and grow later!

Consumption Metering & Invoicing

Our solution covers the measurement of energy consumption for invoicing.  

Manage Multi-User EV Charging Operations

HeyCharge Management Platform offers everything that is needed for the commissioning, operation, and maintenance of your charging network.

End-to-End Solution

HeyCharge delivers you simplified and complete EV charging solutions, you don’t need to be worried anymore about which EV solution is right for your needs when deciding on EV charger investment.

Easy to Install

Any electrician can install and activate your HeyCharge chargers without any additional training.

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