EV charging for multi user buildings that just works.

HeyCharge is the affordable and hassle-free way to add electric vehicle charging to parking garages.

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Indoor charging will play a major role in the near future for a fast EV adoption.

Connecting smart chargers in an underground garage to management platforms in a cloud can be a real pain for installers and CPOs due to poor internet coverage and existing standards and technologies.

Conventional EV charging solutions have connectivity issues

Connected EV chargers do not work for challenging environments like underground parking in apartment buildings and offices. Poor network coverage leads to an awful user experience, drives installation complexity and maintenance costs.

HeyCharge fixes these issues

With our unique SecureCharge technology we maximize user satisfaction and also optimize unit economics for our customers and partners by providing the following benefits:

Works offline

Mobile app works seamlessly in underground parking garages.

Plug and play

Any electrician can install in minutes.


Hardware, installation, and communication costs are reduced.


End-to-end, hardware IoT security resists abuse.


HeyCharge provides intelligent and integrated load management functionality.

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