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Dina Tuerk
October 27, 2022

HeyCharge's mission - from highway charging to underground charging

We are making our cities future ready. Be ready for change. You can be part of it.

We are HeyCharge and we are on a mission. Our mission is to ensure easy and affordable access to future mobility for everyone. For people like you and me. People who want to live a green, modern and vibrant city lifestyle. People who live in apartment buildings with underground parking. We want to revolutionize the way we will live, be mobile and enjoy our time in a modern city environment. Charging our EVs should be easy, simple, stress free and reliable.

Beside the high power charging stations on highways, and the public charging points in municipalities and parking facilities, we need more opportunities to charge our vehicles - cars, scooters, motorcycles, etc. Whether it will be at underground parking garages, at the office facility, or at the cinema.

How are we going to make this happen? With our SecureCharge technology!

Existing EV chargers do not work for apartment buildings and offices because they need on-site internet connection. With HeyCharge’s patent pending SecureCharge technology there is no need for on-site connectivity anymore. The communication between wallbox and smartphone takes place completely offline via Bluetooth. As soon as the smartphone has network coverage again, all data received from the wallbox is synchronized with the backend.

The HeyCharge Wallbox (EU-version) as well as the HeyCharge EVSE (US-version) both work reliably underground and are the perfect solution for residential buildings with underground garages. The integrated load management feature optimizes itself and finds the perfect balance for every power demand situation, as soon as a certain power limit is reached. 

With HeyCharge, hardware and installation costs are significantly reduced and our customers get everything from a single source - hardware, software, installation and support.

We start off with delivering EV charging infrastructure to the massive wave of people who will be owning EVs and living in multi-family housing. The HeyCharge ecosystem will change the world and how we think about charging in the future. 

The time is now. 

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